Pacific Booker Minerals (TSXV:BKM,NYSEMKT:PBM) reported that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s draft Comprehensive Study Report in September 2012 concluded that there are no adverse environmental effects on water quality and fisheries. This was supported by an EAO commissioned independent 3rd Party review, and well as the Executive Director of the EAO. As quoted in the press release:
The CEAA draft Comprehensive Study Report, September 2012, concluded that: “The environmental effects of the Project have been determined using assessment methods and analytical tools that reflect the current best practices of impact assessment practitioners. As a result of incremental changes to the project design and additional mitigation measures and commitments applied to the Project throughout the comprehensive study process, the Agency concludes that the proposed project can be constructed, operated, maintained, and decommissioned without significant adverse effects, including consideration of cumulative effects. No significant adverse biological, physical, or human health effects are predicted. Any residual effects are predicted to be of low magnitude, moderate duration, localized in geographic extent, and reversible over the long term following decommissioning. Taking into account the above, including proposed mitigation measures and proponent commitments; the Agency concludes that the Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.”
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