Sunset Cove Mining Inc. Discovers New Artisanal Adit

 Sunset Cove Mining Inc. (TSXV:SSM,BVL:SSM) announced the discovery of its seventh adit. A new artisanal adit was found at the base of the Carolay Silver Polymetallic property.

As quoted in the press release:

The entrance to the adit is found at 2028 meters above sea level and measures 1.40 meters wide by 1.60 meters high and is 4.50 meters deep. The adit in the mine entrance has a strike of 57°North and a dip of 55°Southeast and seems to follow a mineralized tensional structure that is in the metasediment in the gneiss. This tensional structure features strong silification with veinlets of quartz, galena and stibinite and visible sulfur dissemination and stockworks of iron-oxide and manganese-oxide veinlets.

Sunset Cove Mining Inc. President and CEO, Lorne Woods said:

The discovery of this new adit with apparent polymetallic mineralization during our exploration is very encouraging. Its discovery means that the Carolay Vein system has been traced over several kilometers in length and now over several hundred meters of vertical extent and is proving to be an extensive mineralized system.

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