Tasman Metals Ltd. (TSXV:TSM) announced that they have engaged Antso Minerals to assist with the next phase of metallurgical testing of Norra Karr heavy REE project.

As quoted in the press release:


  • Future mineral concentrate research to be completed by magnetic separation equipment manufacturers, to ensure a seamless transition to mine-scale equipment planning.  Prior test work by ANZAPLAN of Germany gave high recovery of REE in a low mass during combined flotation/magnetic separation tests, including more than 80% of the heavy REE’s recovered in less than 30% of the original rock mass;
  • Future hydrometallurgy research on Norra Karr to be completed by ANSTO, the industry leader in REE processing technology. Prior testing by GTK of Finland used an ambient temperature sulfuric acid leach and achieved better than 90% recovery of heavy REE’s;
  • Comminution test work is complete, demonstrating crushing and grinding requirements shall lie within the range of normal processing condition

Tasman’s President and CEO, Mark Saxon, said:

Antso is well known for its prior work on the major Australian based rare earth projects including Mount Weld (Lynas Corp) and Dubbo (Alkane Resources) and their involvement gives us the opportunity to most efficiently finalize the Norra Karr leaching – purification – precipitation circuits.

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