GVK Gives Thiess Mining Operations Contract for Alpha Coal Project

The Economic Times reported that India’s GVK Group awarded mining and services firm Thiess with the mining operations contract for its Australia-based Alpha thermal coal project.

As quoted in the market news:

In a statement, GVK said Thiess would prepare a 10-year mine plan, operational strategy for cost competitive operations by year-end. Thiess, a $6.5 billion company in revenues, is a wholly owned subsidiary ofLeighton Holdings.

GVK group chairman GV Krishna Reddy said Thiess would help the group deliver the next phase in Alpha’s operational development. Vice chairman GV Sanjay Reddy said, “We are resetting the paradigm on everything from plant and equipment to local sourcing. I can now confidently say that we have set the tone for what will be Australia’s largest coal mine.”

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