Peregrine Confirms CH-6 is One of World’s Highest-grade Kimberlites

Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. (TSX:PGD) announced that now that a bulk sample from the CH-6 kimberlite, located on its Chidliak diamond project, has returned a diamond grade of 2.7 carats per tonne on a bulk sample weighing 222.1 dry tonnes, it can confirm that CH-6 is one of the highest-grade kimberlites in the world.

As quoted in the press release:

The resulting diamond parcel consisted of 600.5 carats of commercial-size (+0.85 mm) stones including 48 diamonds over one carat in size and 137 diamonds over 0.50 carat in size with the largest diamond weighing 3.54 carats. A very significant portion of the parcel is gem diamonds. The diamond recovery process was completed by the Saskatchewan Research Council (“the SRC”). The CH-6 pipe is one of at least seven kimberlite pipes at Chidliak that are potentially economic.

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