Anfield Resources Issued Mineral Leases in Utah

Anfield Resources Inc. (TSXV:ARY) was issued nine mineral leases on Utah State Trust Land that cover 5,500 acres located across three of the several uranium mining districts, and are within a 100-mile radius of the White Mesa Mill.

As quoted in the press release:

he leases cover a total of approximately 5,500 acres (2,225 hectares) located across three of the several uranium mining districts located in southeastern Utah. In addition, these leases lie within a 100-mile radius of the White Mesa Mill, the only currently active standard uranium mill in the United States. Utah has historically been one of the top Uranium producing states, with the majority of production coming from the uranium mining districts concentrated in the southeastern part of the state.

Anfield Resources Inc. CEO, Corey Dias, said:

We are pleased to have been issued these leases as they complement our recently acquired Uranium assets in Utah. The Company now controls over 8,100 acres across several uranium mining districts. Within that acreage are a significant number of past-producing mines. This transaction advances our strategic objective of opportunistically acquiring undervalued assets to pursue near-term production and revenue generation via toll milling, a production strategy successfully followed at our Chilean copper asset. We continue to believe in the likelihood of a shortfall in uranium raw materials due to the combination of two factors: the number of nuclear reactors proposed, planned or under construction worldwide – which would more than double the current number of operating reactors – and the recent expiration of the 20-year HEU agreement between the US and Russia.

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