Orocobre Updates on Construction at Olaroz

Orocobre Limited (TSX:ORL,ASX:ORE) is continuing to progress on time and within budget on constriction at the Olaroz Lithium Project. The company has completed approximately 70% of physical progress on the construction.

According to the company’s press release:

The brine pumping rate has reached approximately 190 l/s. The steady state operational rate required is 180l/s with a peak filling rate of approximately 220l/s to be achieved as the remaining bores are commissioned.

The liming plant commissioning schedule commenced on the 15(th) of December.

The gas pipeline has been completed. The precommissioning schedule for the gas pipeline commenced on the 13(th) of December.

Evaporation pond earthworks remain ahead of schedule. Evaporation pond 1B is on schedule for lining to be completed in December.

Construction works continue on the lithium processing plant, finished goods warehouse and the soda ash warehouse.

The electricity generation plant is currently under construction and is on schedule for completion in December. There are currently 3 diesel generators in service.

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