Silver Mining Stocks to Rally When Prices Lift

ETF Daily News reported that gold is “due for a massive recovery rally,” and that when that happens, silver will also make a comeback. Indeed, the news outlet states, the white metal’s gains are likely to “dramatically outpace gold’s,” with the result being higher investment in silver mining stocks.

As quoted in the market news:

Picking stocks is more difficult today than it’s ever been. The reality is there are fewer quality stocks out there than there used to be. The survivors will perform well once silver starts roaring higher. But the elite ones with a combination of strong assets, savvy management, and solid financials will really thrive. Their stocks ought to seriously outpace the gains of SIL and the sector as a whole.

The bottom line is silver-mining stocks have had a rough few years as they’ve followed their underlying metal to the depths of its current cyclical bear market. These stocks are universally despised, the ultimate contrarian play.

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