Expect Moly Price Stability in 2014, Say European Traders

Metal Bulletin reported that European molybdenum market participants expect prices for the metal to be stable in 2014, a “significant change” from 2013′s market volatility.

As quoted in the market news:

‘I think there’s probably a bit more optimism for 2014. Currently, the figures coming out of Europe are a bit better, and the same for Asia,’ a trader said. ‘People are hoping that the bad year is behind them and things are going to get better.’ Participants are nonetheless loath to make any specific predictions for the year, after surprises such as the Kennecott wall slide, and with prices as low as $22.70 per kg for ferro-molybdenum. ‘I don’t think we will see a lot of big things happening in the first three quarters – I think the market will be relatively stable,’ a producer told Metal Bulletin.

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