Lucapa Finds 32.2-carat, Type 2A Diamond at Lulo

Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd. (ASX:LOM) announced on Friday that a 32.2-carat, type 2A diamond has been recovered from its Angola-based Lulo concession. To date, it is the fourth-largest diamond recovered at Lulo.

As quoted in the press release:

The 32.2 carat Type 2A diamond has an irregular dodecahedral shape and is of exceptional colour and clarity. Colorimeter testing of the diamond not only demonstrated that the diamond is a Type 2A stone but also that it would be considered of D colour. A D colour is given to only the finest white diamonds; these are totally colourless and classified as “exceptional white” by CIBJO. While the diamond appears flawless to Lucapa staff, this will need to be confirmed by independent examination.

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