US Rare Earths Extracts First Critical Rare Earths

US Rare Earths (OTCBB:UREE) took a big step forward this week in announcing that it has extracted the first critical rare earths in the United States at its Last Chance property in Montana.

As quoted in the press release:

The leach test results demonstrated a 79 percent recovery of Critical Rare Earths. Four different leaching approaches were used to extract rare earth metals into a solution and warrant further optimization.

“With China attempting to tighten their noose around the current global supply of critical rare earths by setting the foundation for a national rare earth group, there’s a new sense of urgency for a domestic supply of critical rare earths,” said CEO Kevin Cassidy. “The results from our properties in Montana prove our company is on the path to developing an American supply chain that will create good jobs and take advantage of a national treasure.”

Read the full press release by US Rare Earths (OTCBB:UREE)