Sharps Pixley: Silver to Average $21.60 in 2014

Sharps Pixley released its silver forecast for 2014, commenting that it sees the white metal averaging $21.60 per ounce and hitting a high of $25 and a low of $18.20.

As quoted in the market news:

We expect silver to record a relatively modest 8% gain on the year – that is to say maintaining its double outperformance relative to gold.  The key areas to watch in 2014 should be the growth the photovoltaics market and new applications utilising silver’s powerful antimicrobial qualities. A strong economic recovery should also boost silver demand within the electronics and brazing sectors.

If our modest forecast is correct, silver will be altogether better behaved in 201 by scoring the lowest price change in over a decade. This will be positive for silver in the long run as industrial users become less fearful of price volatility.

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