Stornoway Diamond Corp. Outlines 2014 Drilling Program at Renard

Stornoway Diamond Corporation (TSX:SWY) outlined drilling plans for 2014, aimed to expand the Renard Diamond Project resources in Quebec and to assess the potential of the Renard 2 kimberlite. The drill program is set to consist of directional drilling, well defined and depth of Renard 2 kimberlite.

As quoted in the press release:

The program objectives are:

  • Conversion Indicated Mineral Resources Inferred Mineral Resource is currently estimated at 6.2 million carats (5.2 million tonnes to 119 carats per hundred tonnes, or “cpht”) located between 600 and 700 meters below the surface Renard 2;
  • Adding other Inferred Mineral Resource at Renard 2 between a minimum depth of 700 to 800 meters, an interval Stornoway previously designated as potential additional resources from 4.2 to 7.3 million carats in the form of ” targets for future exploration “;
  • An aggressive exploration Renard 2 with exploratory drilling at a depth of 800 to 1000 meters or more. In addition, Stornoway will drill and reassess, if necessary, four other Renard kimberlites are not included in its current Mineral Resources and whose previous results had been limited.

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