Lucapa Recovers 95.45-carat Diamond from Lulo Concession

Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd. (ASX:LOM) announced the recovery of a 95.45-carat, type 2A diamond from its Angola-based Lulo diamond concession. It is the second-largest diamond recovered from Lulo to date.

As quoted in the press release:

The 95.45 carat diamond is an exceptional stone. It has an irregular, roughly equant shape and measures 25x20x16mm. It was assessed using a Yehuda ZVI colorimeter and confirmed as a Type 2A, which are among the world’s rarest category of diamonds.

The 95.45 carat diamond has not been cleaned and the appearance and clarity of the diamond is expected to be dramatically improved after iron staining has been removed.

Currently, the colour is classified as DE, which would normally make the diamond an “Exceptional White.” However, the colorimeter also describes the stone as brown. Cleaning the diamond and re-testing it with the colorimeter should resolve the classification.

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