Tasman Metals Ltd. (TSXV:TSM) President & CEO, Mark Saxon, spoke to Resource Investing News at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference on its flagship project in Sweden, the Norra Karr Heavy Rare Earth Element Project. Major milestones for the Company in the last 12 months include metallurgical test results and the 25-year mining lease it was granted. A major catalyst investors should watch for in 2014 will be the pre-feasibility study.

Tasman is a Canadian mineral development company focused on critical metals including Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) and tungsten (W) in Scandinavia. Tasman is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “TSM” and the NYSE-MKT under the symbol “TAS”. REE and tungsten demand is increasing, due to the metals’ unique properties that make them essential for high technology and industry. Since over 95% of REE and 80% of tungsten supply is sourced from China, the European Commission promotes policy to develop domestic supply of critical metals to ensure the security of industry. Tasman receives research funding from the European Commission.