CBM Asia Appoints New Director

CBM Asia Development Corp. (TSXV:TCF,US:CBMDF,FWB:IY2) appointed Anton Tjahjono as a Director of CBM Asia Kuala Kapuas Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company.

As quoted in the press release:

Mr. Tjahjono is a 40-year veteran of and distinguished figure within Indonesia’s oil and gas industry since he co-founded PT Tranaco Utama (“Tranaco”) in 1977, where he currently is Senior Vice President. Mr. Tjahjono was instrumented in successfully developing the East Java Gas Pipeline, Indonesia’s first major gas pipeline developed and operated on a build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) contract arrangement through Tranaco’s wholly owned subsidiary PT Trans Javagas Pipeline.

CBM Asia Development Corp. President and CEO, Charles W. Bloomquist, said:

CBM Asia warmly welcomes Mr. Tjahjono to the Board of Directors of CBM Asia Kuala Kapuas Ltd. to help the Company commercialize its coalbed methane assets in Indonesia. Mr. Tjahjono brings his exceptional local knowledge, experience and capabilities to CBM Asia’s business in Indonesia. His appointment re-establishes his working relationship with our Jakarta General Manager, Keith Potter, who previously managed Tranaco’s projects with Mr. Tjahjono.

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