Alacer’s 2013 Attributable Gold Production Up 44 Percent

Alacer Gold Corp. (TSX:ASR,ASX:AQG) yesterday announced preliminary Q4 2013 results for its Turkey-based Copler gold mine. The company also released its results for the entirety of 2013, commenting that it put out a record 216,850 attributable ounces of gold in 2013, 44 percent higher than its 2012 total.

Next year, Alacer anticipates attributable gold production of 160,000 to 180,000 ounces.

Rod Antal, CEO of Alacer, commented:

I am pleased with the record performance of our Çöpler Mine in 2013. We delivered on our production targets which continue to demonstrate our operating capabilities. Çöpler’s record gold production was a 44% increase over 2012, primarily driven by a 16% increase in the oxide ore grade and improved operating practices lifting gold recovery rates over the course of the year.

Çöpler’s strong performance  is planned to continue through 2014 with gold production above 200,000 ounces.More importantly, those ounces will be produced at or near the lowest cost in the gold mining industry resulting in strong free cash flow for Alacer.

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