Christopher Ecclestone Bullish on “Virtually All the Rare Earths”

Mineweb reported that Hallgarten & Company’s Christopher Ecclestone is bullish on almost all rare earths, excluding lanthanum and cerium, which “really spoil the mix.”

Further, he said that at the moment, bigger is not better — in fact, “behemoth properties with gargantuan capex budgets have gone the way of the brontosaurus.”

As quoted in the market news:

‘The nadir of the sector is now past,’ Ecclestone proclaimed. ‘Financing will not be easy to get but super-focused projects should get the most traction with those investors wanting to take a strategic position in a sector that is more beaten down than most.’

‘The most foolish thing to do at this point would be to bet on a large market cap name thinking that this signifies some sort of superior survivability,’ he counseled. ‘The devil is in the details and stakes should only be taken in those names that can cogently show a path to affordable (and profitable) production.’

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