Terramin Discovers “Significant” REE Mineralization at Kapunda-Truro

Terramin Australia Ltd. (ASX:TZN) announced that it has discovered “significant” rare earth element (REE) mineralization at its Kapunda-Truro project, located in South Australia. High REE levels have not been identified at the project before.

Highlights include:

  • Identification of high-grade strategic ‘heavy’ REE (HREE) abundances in quartz veins associated with Kapunda Mine’s copper mineralisation
  • Over 20% Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) from sample KP07 includes HREE’s 5.54% Neodymium, 1.42% Praseodymium and 0.20% Europium
  • Scandium assays up to 335ppm
  • Early indications suggest HREE-bearing quartz veins are associated with copper mineralisation
  • Exploration in 2014 to include Kapunda-Truro HREE targets

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