Arianne Phosphate (TSXV:DAN,FWB:JE9N,OTCBB:DRRSF) reported that an additional test program for the Paul Zone phosphate ore is currently under way at COREM in Quebec.

As quoted in the press release:

The goal of this additional work is to finalize the process flow sheet, which will enable Arianne to start detail engineering in H2 2014. The planned tests will also allow Arianne to analyze new lower cost reagent suites, and in addition allow final sizing and type selection of the process equipment to optimize the excellent performance of our current metallurgical process.

Arianne Phosphate CEO, Brian Kenny, said:

After the excellent performance of metallurgical tests at COREM in early 2013, our goal is to optimize ore processing. This will allow us to begin detail engineering later this year, and we are confident the results will further improve the outstanding quality of our world-class Lac à Paul project.

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