UBS Sees Gold Reversing to $1,280 in March

Mineweb reported yesterday that although gold has performed well in February, a month that is historically not good for the metal, UBS AG (NYSE:UBS) expects its luck to run out in March, also typically a poor month for gold prices.

As quoted in the market news:

‘This anticipated seasonal weakness ties in with our one-month call for gold prices to reverse to $1280 from here,’ UBS says.

The main reason for its view is that, while the rise since the beginning of the year has been orderly, it has been a fairly sizable move and over the course of the period, gold net longs have risen 114%.

And, it says, ‘given that investor participation has so far been limited to those with short-term horizons, the temptation to book profits is very strong and we expect this to dominate up ahead.’

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