Kivalliq Achieves Positive Results from Metallurgical Tests on Angilak

Kivalliq Energy Corporation (TSXV:KIV) announced metallurgical and beneficiation test results for the Angilak Property in Nunavut, Canada. The locked cycle alkaline leaching tests show that sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate can be recycled; and yellowcake produced contained 70.0% uranium and low impurity levels.

As quoted in the press release:

Key Point Summary of Metallurgical and Beneficiation Testing

  • Locked cycle leach tests confirmed the ability to recycle 100% of the primary alkaline leach reagents;
  • Low consumption of ancillary reagents was demonstrated;
  • >95% uranium recovery in 48 hour leach cycle;
  • Low impurity yellowcake product meets ASTM C976-13 standard specifications;
  • Radiometric ore sorting showed potential to reduce dilution with up to 96.7% uranium recovered from 49.2% of the sample mass.

Kivalliq Energy CEO, Jim Paterson, said:

Our team continues to advance and de-risk the Angilak Property by evaluating potential uranium extraction and processing options. The combination of high uranium recoveries and low reagent consumption will have a positive impact on project economics. In addition, the radiometric sorting study demonstrated the potential to remove more than 50% of the waste rock prior to milling.

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