Bayhorse Silver Receives Further Bonanza-grade Assay Results

Bayhorse Silver Inc. (TSXV:BHS) announced the receipt of additional bonanza-grade assay results from its Bayhorse mine silver property, located in Eastern Oregon. The company is currently earning an 80-percent interest in Bayhorse.

As quoted in the press release:

The highest silver grades reported below are samples BHS-01T, 122.13 kg/tonne (122,127 g/tonne or 3,926 oz/tonne), BHS-2T, 86.64 kg/tonne (86,639 g/tonne or 2,786 oz/tonne) and BHS-07T, 37.18 kg/tonne (37,177 g/tonne or 1,195oz/tonne). In addition, sample BHS-03T graded 10.03 kg/tonne (10,025 g/tonne or 322 oz/tonne), BHS-004T graded 7.86 kg/tonne (7,859 g/tonne or 253 oz/tonne), and BHS05T graded 1.44 kg/tonne (1,441 g/tonne or 46 oz/tonne)

Significant grades of Copper, Zinc and Antimony were also reported in the samples with BHS-07T grading 21.5% Cu, 8.41% Zn and 2.98% Sb, BHS-01T grading 15.9% Cu, 8.4% Zn and 1.18% Sb, BHS02-T grading 17.0 % Cu, 6.67% Zn and 2.21% Sb. The samples were taken along a 4-20-cm thick mineralized zone that occupies a faulted rhyolite-andesite contact. This veined fault zone crops out between the ‘new’ 1984 adit and other collapsed adits and upper workings of the historic mine.

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