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Caribou King Resources Ltd. — Portfolio of Highly Prospective Graphite Properties in Quebec & Ontario

Caribou King Resources Ltd.


Caribou King Resources Ltd. (TSXV:CKR) is a junior exploration company focused on discovering and developing high-grade graphite projects in mining-friendly jurisdictions with existing infrastructure. The Company holds a large, highly prospective portfolio of properties including the Mulloy and Nezen graphite projects in Ontario, and the TAC and Buckingham graphite projects in Quebec.

Multiple survey and drill campaigns are planned across the Company’s portfolio of graphite properties in 2014. Rising demand for traditional and emerging applications for high-purity graphite is projected to translate into robust growth in the graphite industry and in graphite prices in the coming years.

Investment Highlights

  • Large portfolio of graphite properties.
  • 100% owned Mulloy Graphite Project is near Zenyatta’s Albany Graphite Project.
  • Extensive 2013 fieldwork and surveying completed, resulting in multiple high-priority drill targets for upcoming 2014 drill programs across the portfolio of properties.
  • Multiple 2014 drill programs planned to test high priority targets consisting of EM conductors, massive graphite outcrops and historic graphite discoveries.
  • Highly experienced management and technical team focused on Caribou’s success.

Ontario Properties

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The wholly-owned Mulloy Graphite Project covers 5,693 hectares and is located 80 km northwest of Hearst, Ontario and 10 km west of the Albany graphite project (Zenyatta Ventures Ltd.) The property is accessible by road and infrastructure is in place.

CKR Drill Mulloy 2014

A horizontal loop electromagnetic (HLEM) survey conducted in late 2013 identified seven electromagnetic (EM) conductors including three with a strike length over 700 meters and a fourth striking over 600 meters in length. All the conductors remain open along strike.

CKR Drill - Mulloy

In January 2014, Caribou King began a 2,000-meter drill program with two main objectives: 1) to confirm historic drilling by Shell Canada Resources Ltd. that encountered 90% visual graphite over 38.46 meters; and 2) to test the new EM conductor targets.


The wholly-owned Nezen Graphite Project consists of claims covering 256 hectares that adjoin the northeastern boundary of Zenyatta’s Albany graphite property. A historic aeromagnetic low identified on the Nezen claims by government geophysics is similar to magnetic lows identified on the eastern portion of the neighboring Albany property. The Company plans to investigate the anomalous magnetic low through reconnaissance prospecting and sampling.

Quebec Properties

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The wholly-owned TAC Graphite Project is located approximately 40 km from Timcal’s graphite mill in southwestern Quebec, Canada. The property is surrounded by a number of companies who are actively exploring for graphite, and the area is quickly emerging into a new graphite district. Historic drilling on the TAC property returned a weighted average graphite content of 9.86% Cg over 46.75m.


Graphite locally occurs on TAC as flakes up to 1cm in diameter. In October 2013, Caribou announced that multiple graphite occurrences had been exposed on the property during road repair following logging activity in the area, including a massive graphite zone exposed over roughly one square meter at surface. The prospecting team sampled the massive graphite with a portable drill recovering 34 centimeters of graphitic schist followed by 30 cm of mostly graphite. Drilling stopped due to mechanical problems, terminating in graphite at 74 cm. The true thickness of the graphite zone is unknown, and efforts are underway to expose more of the graphite along strike. Both core samples, each roughly 25mm in diameter, have been sent for assay.


The massive graphite exposure correlates with a conductor identified from ground geophysical surveys. Multiple EM conductors have been recently identified. A twenty-hole drill program is set to commence in f 2014 to test the strongest conductors in the closest proximity to the historic graphite discovery hole (Hole #44).


The wholly-owned Buckingham Graphite Project is comprised of 8 claim blocks totaling 480 hectares. The property is situated in Buckingham Township, Quebec in a mining district known for its graphite deposits. Buckingham is 750 meters west of the historic Walker Graphite Mine which produced high-quality graphite from 1876 to 1920.
Recent work by Caribou has identified new conductors on the southeastern portion of the property in close proximity to the historic Walker mine. In November 2013, the Company announced assay results from multiple new graphite vein and large flake discoveries at Buckingham. Total graphite contents up to 81% Cg were obtained in grab samples collected from subcrops detected through Beep Mat surveys that were recently conducted on the property.

Seven samples were collected from the southeastern area of the property and consist of white to light grey pegmatites composed of feldspar with 5-10% mafic minerals. Graphite is present within the pegmatite both as irregular zones and as veins of mm to cm scale thickness.

Follow-up EM surveys and drilling are planned for Buckingham to expand on these results as well as to investigate other unsampled anomalies on the property.

Experienced Management Team

Michael B. England – CEO & Director
Mr. England’s involvement in the public markets began in 1983 working on the floor of the Vancouver Stock Exchange as a floor trader after successfully completing the Canadian Securities, Options and Futures Courses. Since 1995, Mr. England has been involved directly with public companies serving various roles including investor relations, CFO, Directorships and Presidencies and has raised in excess of $20 million to date for exploration and acquisitions.

John Masters – CFO, Corporate Secretary & Director
Mr. Masters has several years of experience working with public companies. Currently, he is Corporate Secretary of several public companies and has also served as a CFO.

Bernard Stannus, P.Eng.– Director
Mr. Stannus has more than 34 years of experience in mineral exploration and mine management in North and South America. He has been involved with the design, development, construction and operation of a number of mines including the Picacho Mine in California, the Gilt Edge Mine in South Dakota, the Ryan Lode Mine in Alaska and the Andacollo Gold Mine in Chile. Mr. Stannus is also the President of BRS Mining Inc.

Réjean Gosselin – Director
For more than 30 years, Mr. Gosselin has been a director and officer of Canadian public mining companies active in North and South America and in Africa. In 2000, Mr. Gosselin served as president and CEO of Diabras Exploration Inc. (name changed to Sierra Metals Inc.) when this company reopened the Bolivar Cu-Zn mine and the Cusi Silver mine in Northern Mexico. More recently, Mr. Gosselin founded and helped financed Maya Gold & Silver. He is Chairman of the Board of Maya which became a key player on the mining scene in Morocco where it will soon reopen the Zgounder Silver Mine. He obtained a Master’s degree in Geology from Université Laval in 1979.