The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) today dropped 1.06 percent, or 9.32 points, to hit 870.1 points. Stocks across Europe opened low as concerns over the tension between Ukraine and Russia and a weak Chinese economic outlook weighed heavily on the markets, as per

One company that managed to perform well was Leyshon Resources (LSE:LRL), which today rose 36.67 percent, or GBP0.37, to trade at GBP1.02. The company is based in Australia and explores for gold, as well as for oil and gas in China and Hong Kong.

Not faring so well was Savannah Resources (LSE:SAV), which lost 17.82 percent, or GBP1.85, to trade at GBP10.38. Formerly known as African Mining and Exploration, Savannah mines and explores for gold in the Republic of Mali, specifically in Karan and Diatissan.