Bora Bora Resources Ltd. (ASX:BBR) announced that the technical services unit of the Sri Lankan Geological Survey & Mines Bureau has completed a positive initial independent assessment for its Neluwa and Baduraliya graphite projects.

As quoted in the press release:

The GSMB Technical Services division was engaged to complete an independent assessment of BBR’s tenements at the two project areas. During the initial review, qualified technical staff were deployed to visit the tenements at the Neluwa and Baduraliya Graphite Projects and map the location of old graphite pits, as well as shafts, adits and abandoned graphite mines.

Chris Cowan, executive director of Bora Bora, commented:

Given the recent receipt of preliminary VTEM survey data for the Matale Graphite Project which provided excellent exploration potential for vein graphite mineralisation at grades exceeding 96% TGC, we are pleased to have identified and secured additional highly promising graphite bearing tenements at the Neluwa and Baduraliya Graphite Projects in southern Sri Lanka. We are pleased that Bora Bora Resources has been the clear first mover to secure and explore a suite of highly prospective graphite tenements in Sri Lanka, a province known for the worlds’ highest grades of natural graphite.

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