Government to Set Up Lithium Plant in Zimbabwe

AllAfrica reported that the government of Zimbabwe is planning on setting up a lithium processing plant in Bulawayo, which would be crucial in the production of batteries in the country. According to Mr. Valentine Vera, a metallurgy director in the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, lithium is one of the driver materials that has the capacity to drive the economy when world demand is taken into consideration.

According to the news report:

Currently, lithium is mined in Bikita and Bindura with the local consumers being Zimglass while the rest is exported into the region and international markets.

Mr. Vera commented:

Lithium has potential to bring economic development to the country.

“It is used in the manufacture of key components in the ICT industry, manufacturing of batteries and is also beneficiated into lithium carbon which has higher value on the market.

“New investment is needed in value-addition to produce lithium carbonate and in the long-term producing lithium batteries.

“Therefore the Government is planning to set up a processing plant that will add value to the mineral.

“So if we are to go into production of what we call lithium battery we could produce lithium carbonate which costs $5 000 per tonne as opposed to the $180 per tonne and this can be produced in Zimbabwe.

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