Guyana-based Platinum Project Could Revitalize Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold Corporation Inc. (OTCMKTS:YGDC) announced that under an agreement with GlobalMin LLC and GlobalMin Guyana Inc., it will acquire the two companies’ 77-percent interest in a platinum project controlled by GlobalMin Guyana.

As quoted in the press release:

The remaining 23% interest in the Platinum Project is held by Mojave Gold Corporation, a Nevada private company. Yukon plans to make every effort to acquire this interest. Yukon has assumed all responsibility of GlobalMin in negotiations with Mojave. Mojave borrowed a large portion of the money it invested in the Platinum Project to earn their 23% interest and are subject to a lawsuit which names GlobalMin and GGI. The lenders have agreed to release GlobalMin and GGI without prejudice on closing of this agreement.

Yukon Gold Corporation, Inc. is currently a shell company trading on the OTC Markets in the Pink Category under the symbol ‘YGDC’. The Company has been devoted since November 2010 to looking for a promising development project around which the Company can be revitalized. This Platinum Project meets all its expectations. Yukon is excited about acquiring GlobalMin’s interests in Guyana and is looking forward to working closely with Dr. Lechler over the coming months to advance the Platinum Project. Final closing is expected to be completed on or before March 28, 2014.

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