Copper Mountain Updates Construction Progress on Secondary Crusher

Copper Mountain Mining Corp. (TSX: CUM) is progressing with the construction of the new permanent secondary crusher at the Copper Mountain mine, located in Southern British Columbia.

According to the company’s press release:

Purchase orders for all of the major mechanical and electrical components have been placed.  The main components of the crusher have arrived in Canada and have been transported via rail to Kamloops, BC where they are being prepared for transportation by a specialized truck to the mine site.  The lower bowl assembly is the largest component piece of the crusher and weighs over 100 tonnes.  Due to its size and weight special road permits were provided by the Department of Transportation in a timely manner to meet the schedule for the highway transportation to the mine site. These permits were received early last week and the lower bowl assembly has now been transported to the mine site.  The Company engaged Nickel Bros Heavy Lifting and Transportation to complete this leg of the transportation which entailed closing the main highway between Kamloops and Princeton in 20km sections as the convoy moved down the road.  It took four nights to make the 200 kilometer trip, because the transportation had to occur between midnight and 5 am each night to minimize traffic disruptions along the route.

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