Global Rare Diamonds – An Investment You Can Trust

 At Global Rare Diamonds (GRD), we believe that diamonds are a great investment. If you couple that with the best prices around, then it is a real ‘no brainer’ when it comes to return on investment when compared to other more traditional investment opportunities.

If you can trust an organization to be completely open, honest and, if you will, transparent about the diamonds it sells, then you can be sure that you won’t regret putting your money into these beautiful stones. GRD’s expert and ethical approach perfectly situates it to meet the needs of those looking to invest. Trustworthiness underpins everything that GRD is trying to achieve.

A philosophy that comes directly from GRD’s owner, Aaron Dave

The diamond trade has suffered an image problem of late due to a lack of price transparency and the perceived minefield of finding a trustworthy agent to purchase through.

“I am appalled by the way some diamond traders have acted in recent years. People have come to them with their hard-earned money and have been betrayed in the name of a fast buck!”

Investors are looking for a secure, long-term financial tool when purchasing a diamond, so it is important to get the right stone and the right advice.

“I am so determined to change that perception and to offer transparency of price that I would say, ‘go and shop around.’ That is the only way to know for sure if you are getting the best price. I am confident that after having done that, we will be at the top of your list for best deals. But sincerely, do not take my word for it, have a look at what’s around.”

How have diamonds performed financially?

Historically, diamonds have displayed unrivalled gains. Even the housing boom at its peak can’t come close to the average yield over the same period. Gains of 500-600% are not unheard of.

GRD has reacted to this need by creating an online boutique that has the biggest stock of fancy colour diamonds available in the UK. Not only does this commodity represent a top investment, but those who do invest get to enjoy the diamonds firsthand. In the flesh, diamonds display their unsurpassed beauty.

What guarantees do I get?

It would be foolhardy to guarantee anything in this life, but if you take this ethical approach to diamond sales and back it up with certification from the Gemological Institute of America, the foremost authority to the world’s diamond authenticity and grading, then an investor can find the stone for them under the guidance of an experienced diamond expert.

Why GRD?

GRD is well placed in today’s UK diamond marketplace. It is considered the ‘go-to’ destination for the best-priced diamonds for any purpose, be it a gift or an investment. GRD is transparent about its diamond pricing and dedicated to trying to offer the best prices possible.

If you are undecided, even after reading this, then you can find out more at

Diamonds are about as sure a thing as there is in this uncertain world. Don’t let bad reviews rob you of this opportunity. Trust in GRD and you’ll find out there’s a lot to be gained from putting your faith in a trusted expert.