Cameroon, Chad Take Steps Against Blood Diamond Trading

Voice of America reported that in order to stop illegal blood diamond trading, Cameroon and Chad are increasing their border security. They suspect that the gems may be sponsoring “armed groups in neighboring Central African Republic.”

As quoted in the market news:

In an interview with VOA, Cameroon’s mining minister Emmanuel Mbonde said the government has taken measures to address the growing problem, including deploying more border staff to identify all diamonds and assure their traceability.  Only certified diamonds are authorized to be exported.

CAR was officially suspended from global diamond trade last November by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, KPCS, an international government, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. Jaff Napoleon, a member of the civil society, says if Cameroon’s admittance in the KPCS last year allows the conflict diamonds to transit through its territory, it may also be suspended.

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