Brazil Resources Inc. (TSXV:BRI,OTCQX:BRIZF) announced that environmental assessment impact report (EIA/RIMA) for the Cachoeira Gold Project has been completed and submitted to the Environmental Agency of the State of Pará. The application for a preliminary environmental license has also been submitted.

As quoted in the press release:

An LP is the first of three stages to complete the environmental licensing for mining projects in Brazil. An LP serves as the SEMA/PA’s acknowledgement that the project is environmentally acceptable, and it allows a project to proceed with developing an environmental control plan in order to apply for an installation license and begin construction of a mine, plant and infrastructure.

SEMA/PA will have six months from the date the Company filed the EIA/RIMA and application, which may be extended for up to an additional six months, to analyze the application for granting the LP to the Company.

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