Beware Graphene Fraud, Says the UK’s FCA

Proactive Investors UK reported that concerns are beginning to surface that a “bubble is forming around shares in graphene groups.” Further, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has noted that the graphene space is becoming an arena for fraudulent activity.

As quoted in the market news:

…even fraudsters are getting in on the act. In January, the FCA issued a stark warning, urging investors to do their due diligence to avoid investing in any duds.

‘We first uncovered this issue when we found evidence of a ‘graphene investment firm’ on the computers of a suspected boiler room,’ the FCA said.

‘So we believe that the same firms that have sold other high risk, dubious products such as carbon credits, rare earth metals and overseas land and crops, are now trying to sell graphene.’

The City watchdog said there is a strong possibility of fraud with graphene as it is unregulated and it is difficult to confirm you have bought a genuine product.

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