Passport Potash Continues to Move Forward

Passport Potash, Inc. (TSXV:PPI,OTCQX:PPRTF) issued a letter to its shareholders, detailing market conditions and plans for the future. Together with changes in its Board of Directors and Management, Passport Potash continues to move forward with developing the Holbrook Potash Project in Arizona.

As quoted in the press release:

We will continue to fight for this project because we believe in it. We feel a sense of responsibility to the people in the communities that surround this project, whose lives will be blessed when this mine is built. We also feel a sense of responsibility to the shareholders who have stuck with us through thick and thin, and know that we will ultimately build real value for them. It has also become abundantly clear that the world needs sources of this valuable commodity outside of the grasp of the cartels who have manipulated the potash market for their own benefit for too long.

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