Graphite One Resources Inc. (TSXV:GPH,OTCQX:GPHOF) announced promising results from a second series of beneficiation tests conducted at SGS Canada Inc. on samples taken from its wholly owned Graphite Creek Deposit. Using a leaching process, the trials yielded results from a rough concentrate exceeding 99.9 percent carbon. The sample was produced from floatation which had an initial head grade of 92 percent carbon.

As quoted in the press release:

This is further confirmation of earlier mineralogical studies that showed the flake graphite material to be of high quality and containing minor amounts of impurities and improves on results as reported on April 29, 2013. The ability to produce a natural graphite product equivalent in purity to the highest grade synthetic graphite will allow Graphite One to target the growing market in high value-added graphite applications. These high purity levels are required in many industrial applications including electrochemical applications like Lithium-ion batteries which are used in electric vehicles and represent a significant and growing market

Graphite One CEO, Anthony Huston, said:

Achieving ultra-high purity carbon results is essential in the emerging graphite market. With accelerated global interest in graphite deposits and with Graphite Creek being the U.S.’s only advanced Graphite Deposit, we will continue to seek strategic partners, including graphite end-users.

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