The US District Court in Missoula has ruled in favor of Montanore Minerals Corp., subsidiary of Mines Management, Inc. (NYSEMKT:MGN,TSX:MGT), in litigation against Mr. Arnold Bakie and others to secure permanent and unhindered access to the Montanore deposit through and under certain alleged unpatented mining claims.

In the ruling, the U.S. District Court granted a preliminary condemnation order, which affirms MMC’s right of access through the Company’s 14,000 foot Libby adit, and the construction of other tunnels that are planned for the development of the Montanore mine. A final condemnation order and deed to easements and rights of way would be entered following the resolution of compensation for the condemned easements and rights of way, assuming no successful appeal. In addition, the U.S. District Court granted a preliminary injunction for immediate right of possession, thereby preserving MMC’s ongoing access through the Libby adit.

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