The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) fell 4.12 points, or 0.51 percent, today to reach 806.71 points. The high of the day was 810.79 points, with the market seeing a low of 805.94 points.

Overall, UK stocks fared well today, posting a gain for the first time in three days. In line with investor expectations, the Bank of England decided to leave its lending rate at the previous low of 0.5 percent and did not make changes to its asset-purchasing program, according to MarketWatch.

Among the top gainers on the AIM was Wessex Exploration (LSE:WSX) , an oil and drilling company, which rose to GBP1.09 for an increase of GBP0.31, or 42.21 percent. UK based Oilex (LSE:OEX) also saw a price increase, rising by GBP0.44, or 10.73 percent, to reach GBP4.54.

Elsewhere, mineral exploration company Metminco (LSE:MNC) found itself on the AIM’s losing list, dropping GBP0.13, or 8.78 percent, down to GBP1.35.