Geomega Resources Inc. (TSXV:GMA) announced the conclusive benchmark results which confirm physical separation of rare earth elements from a commercial mixed concentrate. The results show simultaneous separation after one step.

As quoted in the press release:

The results reflect a single step separation without any pre-treatment on the REE Concentrate.

  • The single step separation was conducted in a laboratory-scale prototype equipment; and
  • Total REE Concentrate concentration is approximately 1 g/L.

The graphics (CLICK HERE) highlight the following results:

  • Simultaneous separation of REE and impurities;
  • Separation of the HREE and impurities achieved in a single step in the current process conditions; and
  • Cerium constitutes half of the concentration;

“Results show excellent simultaneous separation after one separation step without any recirculation. The number of steps required to purify all REE would be significantly less than the hundreds of steps currently required in solvent extraction. The efforts now shift towards increasing the concentration during the optimisation tests, which is scheduled to begin in June and expected to take up to 6 months. Material improvements will be disclosed throughout the process.” comments Simon Britt, President and CEO of GéoMégA.

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