Today, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London was down 6.79 points, at 794.64 points. The market hit a low of 793.57 points and a high of 803.29 points today. The London markets are trading lower, according to London South East, due to a lack of activity among companies and general market stagnation. Investors have been investing in the stock market with a risk-off approach, meaning they are buying government bonds, avoiding risk.

Among the gainers for the day was oil and gas exploration company Argos Resources (LSE:ARG), which climbed GBP3.47, or 35.62 percent, for a total share price of GBP13.22. UK-based drilling company Ascent Resources (LSE:AST) rose by GBP0.11, or 17.5 percent, for a total price of GBP0.71. Finally, hydrocarbon exploration and development company Oilex (LSE:OEX) rose by GBP0.95, or 18.63 percent, for a total price of GBP6.05.

The day’s losers include gold company Premier Gold Resources (LSE:PGR), which fell by GBP0.01, or 10 percent, for a total price of GBP0.09. Central Rand Gold (LSE:CRND) was also down on the Friday. The company fell by GBP3.25, or 22.81 percent, for a total of GBP11.