Lucara Brings in 13 Diamonds Over 100 Carats

Lucara Diamond Corp. (TSX:LUC) announced that since the start of 2014′s second quarter, it has recovered 13 diamonds over 100 carats, two of which are greater than 200 carats.

The company also said it will be holding its second Exceptional Stone Tender on July 18, 2014.

As quoted in the press release:

Of the thirteen stones recovered, eight are gem quality diamonds. The five largest gem quality stones weigh 259cts, 239cts, two stones weighing 153cts each and a 133cts stone. Since the beginning of the second quarter, Karowe has produced 239 diamonds larger than 10.8 carats, including 27 diamonds with weights between 50 and 100 carats.

William Lamb, president and CEO of Lucara, commented:

The ongoing recovery of these large and exceptional white diamonds continues to drive increased value for Lucara and its shareholders and has established the Karowe mine as a rare source of truly exceptional diamonds. The ongoing recovery of such stones is encouraging for a potential third exceptional stone tender during the fourth quarter of 2014.

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