The Case for Investing in Silver

Yesterday, Wall St. Cheat Sheet published an article by Christopher F. Davis that outlines the case for investing in silver along with three ways to do so. Those include buying physical silver, purchasing shares of exchange-traded funds that track the silver price and investing in individual silver companies.

As quoted in the market news:

I maintain that long-term precious metals stand to gain significantly from balance sheet expansion at central banks and currency debasement. I believe silver and silver companies may outperform gold in the next few years. With the Federal Reserve once again reiterating that it will maintain its accommodative stance, the long-term tailwinds are in place for the precious metals despite recent price action and technical selling.

However, silver is not only a precious metal currency but also has massive industrial and technological demand, particularly in the technology sector. Smartphones alone generate billions of dollars in silver demand, much of it coming from technology giants. This article presents some bullish evidence to argue in favor of silver, and I believe each approach outlined can be profitable on the rebound. At current levels, I believe silver and silver companies are significant opportunity buys, especially for the long-term investor.

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