The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London is currently sitting at 788.07 points, down 7.11 points. The market hit a low of 787.69 points and a high of 793.56 points today. notes that European stocks declined as escalating violence in Iraq pushed down equities. US President Barack Obama has reportedly weighed the possibility of a military operation there.

Two mining companies were top gainers today. The first, Baron Oil (LSE:BOIL), is an oil and natural gas company focused on South America. It rose by GBP0.20, or 16.67 percent, to GBP1.40. The other is Stellar Diamonds (LSE:STEL), a diamond company with assets in West Africa; it rose by GBP0.25, or 20.73 percent, hitting GBP1.45.

On the flip side, Tower Resources (LSE:TRP), a gas and oil exploration company focused on Africa, fell by GBP1.95, or 67.16 percent, to GBP0.95. Similarly, Great Western Mining (LSE:GWMO), which explores and mines for copper, silver, gold and other minerals in Nevada, fell by GBP0.12, or 13.48 percent, to reach GBP0.77.