This week, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London was up 0.04 points, at 825.42 points, with the market hitting a low of 778.52 points and a high of 780.56 today.

European stocks rose on Friday after French consumer data revealed an increase in spending, according to Additionally, stocks were buoyed by lower-than-expected US spending data, which indicates the Federal Reserve will likely continue to keep interest rates low.

London Mining (LSE:LOND), which develops iron mines for the steel industry, saw significant gains today. It rose by GBP7.75, or 26.05 percent, to reach GBP37.50.

Additionally, a number of oil and gas companies were up today. Hurricane Energy (LSE:HUR), which on Thursday reported successful testing at its Lancaster fractured basement oil discovery, climbed 21.59 percent, or GBP7.88, to reach GBP44.38. Clontarf Energy (LSE:CLON), an emerging oil and gas company focused on Africa and South America, also saw notable gains, rising GBP0.22, or 19.48 percent, to reach GBP1.37, while Sirius Petroleum (LSE:SRSP) saw an increase of GBP0.51, or 15 percent, finishing at GBP3.91.

However, a few mining companies fell today. Among those that did so was Pathfinder Minerals (LSE:PFP), which sank by GBP0.16, or 32.63 percent, to reach GBP0.32.