Kibaran Resources Ltd. (ASX:KNL) announced that recent metallurgical testwork on a graphite sample from its Epanko deposit has yielded results exceeding 99.9-percent carbon “from a simple one-step process after flotation.” Epanko is located at Kibaran’s Tanzania-based Mahenge project.

As quoted in the press release:

Ultra high purity can be reached easily in a single one step process. Importantly, extremely low impurities are recorded (refer table 2) confirming that there is no limitation on the application and uses of Epanko flake graphite.

With the current market focused on 94% to 97% carbon purity, Kibaran’s ability to easily and inexpensively produce ultra-high purity flake graphite of 99.9% from Epanko concentrate means Kibaran is now very well positioned to tap into a multitude of markets and command a premium price. These markets include Expandable, Micronised and Spherical graphite markets.

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