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Pure Energy Minerals – Hybrid Lithium Brine Exploration and Mineral Processing Technology Company

Pure Energy Minerals Ltd.


Pure Energy Minerals Ltd. (TSXV:PE) is an innovative mineral exploration and processing technology company focusing on producing advanced lithium materials for electric vehicles, battery grid storage and industrial applications.

Pure Energy is focused on advancing their flagship lithium brine exploration projects in the prolific mining district of Esmeralda County, Nevada. The company’s placer mineral claim projects cover roughly 7,000 acres, and the properties are located in proximity to Rockwood Lithium’s Silver Peak plant, the only active U.S.-based lithium brine production plant and mine. Silver Peak has been in production for over 40 years. Pure Energy is engaged in the exploration and development of innovative processing technologies to test and develop in conjunction with its prospective lithium brine properties.



  • Highly prospective lithium brine target basins. Exploration drilling results show viable lithium concentrations, grades ranging from 180 to 400 ppm lithium
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed with Korean multi-national steel maker POSCO for the commercialization of environmentally friendly lithium brine processing technology
  • Cooperation agreement signed with Phoenix Water for development, testing and proposed location of the first demonstration plant for Pure Energy’s brine process technology
  • Technological initiative development Innovative brine processing technology focused on producing advanced battery materials with reduced environmental impact and a fast track to production
  • Properties located in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Nevada
  • Close to existing infrastructure including roads and power due to proximity to operating mine



Clayton Valley

Located in Esmeralda County, Nevada, Pure Energy’s Clayton Valley Lithium brine project consists of two highly prospective target basins covering over 7,000 acres.

The 5,000 acre CV/DB property is contiguous with Rockwood Lithium’s producing Silver Peak Lithium Mine. Sample results from two reverse circulation drill holes from 2010 intersecting a mineral aquifer confirmed extended lithium enriched brines at depth. Results showed values of lithium ranging from 100 mg/L to 400 mg/L with Li values of 370 mg/L over 30m and averaging of 285 mg/L over 145m of the intersection. Results from the previous brine sampling have also returned favorable magnesium to lithium ratios.
The 2000 acre AF mineral claims are located directly between the lithium rich volcanic outcroppings of the Montezuma range and the currently producing Silver Peak mine, 10 miles to the west. Gravity survey data indicates a closed basin modeled to extend to depths approaching 1400 meters. CSMAT Electromagnetic survey data indicates a highly conductive layer occurring at depths greater than 200 meters that is at least 2 kilometers wide and ranges in thickness from approximately 180 to 200 meters.

The anomaly is a viable size lithium brine exploration target covering approximately 15 square KM, Based upon positive exploration results, and the next phase of work will be an initial drill and well brine test program to determine the nature and extent of lithium bearing brines.

Strategic Alliances

On March 3 2014, Pure Energy signed a non-binding Memorandum of Under-standing (“MOU”) with Korean Multi National POSCO to explore opportunities to develop lithium and other mineral by products from Pure Energy’s Nevada lithium mineral claims and to seek opportunities to commercialize environmentally friendly lithium brine processing technologies.

For several years, POSCO has been developing a new, innovative lithium extraction technology that replaces the traditional brine evaporation pond model. POSCO’s technology is faster than current evaporation methods and can also minimize the associated environmental footprint of large-scale evaporation ponds. The technology also increases the lithium recovery rate from a less than 50% using traditional evaporation ponds to more than 80%.


On March 10th 2014, Pure Energy signed a Cooperation Agreement with Phoenix Water for the development, testing and proposed location of the first demonstration plant for an innovative brine process technology “PWT”. The patented PWT design utilizes a unique, low thermal heat evaporative process for recovering large volumes of pure water from super-saline brines, such as the lithium rich brines that occur in the Clayton Valley area. PWT has the potential for valuable decreases in processing time for lithium brine, whilst reducing and possibly eliminating the huge footprint, cost and environmental issues associated with evaporation ponds and the pure water resulting from the recovery process could benefit local communities, agriculture and industry. Phoenix is being assisted by one of the world’s leading engineering, architecture and environ-mental consulting companies, GHD, which is providing technology consulting and project management services.

Sustainable – Invisible – Green Mining

Focusing on producing advanced battery materials with a focus on reduced environmental impact, Pure Energy is actively working to test and develop “Clean and Green” Lithium brine mining and processing technologies. Evolving from the conventional solar evaporation model to a revolutionary next generation controlled brine processing technology with the potential for valuable decreases in processing time, enhanced recovery whilst reducing and possibly eliminating the huge footprint, costs and environmental issues associated with traditional lithium mining evaporation ponds.


  • Controlled processing of brine solution
  • Eliminates dependency on meteorological conditions
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduce processing time from brine to product
  • Lithium recovery greater than 80%
  • Flexible, Modular, Scalable
  • Potential for clean water recovery
  • Environmentally Acceptable – Sustainable Production
  • Intelligent and Minimal Impact


Pure Energy Minerals is rapidly advancing its Clayton Valley lithium brine mining project while simultaneously refining the development of advanced and innovative lithium brine processing technology opportunities. Pure Energy is focused on a clean and green development, lowering the environmental impact of mining and processing operations, the Company intends to meet the anticipated demand from the lithium battery market by supplying advanced lithium materials produced in the mining friendly jurisdiction of Nevada.


Robert Mintak, CEO – Director

Mr. Mintak has a 25 year portfolio of executive administration, experience in a variety of industries. He has served as a management consultant with several private and public lithium exploration companies. Mr. Mintak is also the founding director of Pure Energy Minerals with an in-depth understanding of the Lithium mineral and processing technologies industry, and numerous strategic relationships through the engineering, manufacturing and capital market subsectors.

John Jardine – CFO
Mr. Jardin has over 30 years of experience managing accounting and financial compliance for public companies. He received his Certified Management Accounting designation in 1981 (BComm from Carleton University).

Dr. Andy Robinson, Ph.D. Geoscience – Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Robinson is an experienced Geoscientist with a PhD in Geochemistry from the University of Bristol. Post-Doctorate research in geochemistry was followed by over a decade working for an international engineering consulting company where he worked on a wide range of groundwater-focused projects in the resource and energy sectors in Europe, Africa and North and S. America. Subsequently, he has focused on senior technical and executive management roles for publicly listed companies, including Swift Power Corp and Veresen Inc. During this time, he has successfully taken projects from inception to production while developing sustained corporate growth.

Alexi Zawadzki, M.E.S. – VP Business Development
Mr. Zawadzki is trained as a hydrologist with a Master’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, with over 17 years of experience in developing resource projects. He served as VP Business Development West for Veresen Inc. and was Founder and CEO of Swift Power Corp (sold to Veresen in 2010). He has worked 10 years with a large multi-national engineering firm servicing mining, oil and gas and power sectors across the Americas.

Dr. LeeAnn Munk – Technical Adviser
Dr. Munk is a global expert in the origin of lithium brine deposits, Professor of Geological Science at University of Alaska. SHe has worked on lithium deposits in the Atacama and Clayton Valley, with 15+ years experience in aqueous geochemistry research focused on environmental and mineral exploration applications.

Gerhard Jacob, P.Geo – Consulting Geologist
Mr. Jacob has over 20 years of extensive experience in mineral production and exploration. He has consulted for the following companies: Tagish Lake Gold, Goldmark Minerals, Oromonte Resources.

Tom Currin BSc Chem. Eng. – Strategic Advisor
Mr. Currin has over 35 years of lithium project expertise, and is focused on alternative lithium extraction and recovery. He was the former division planning coordinator at FMC Inc.’s lithium division and current president of Limtech Technologies.

Grant Hall – Director
Mr. Hall has extensive public market experience in Canadian markets, and has financial background and capital funding successes. He was the former President for Western Warrior Resources.

Michael Dake – Director
Mr. Dake has over 15 years of experience in investor relations and serves on the board of directors of several TSX-V companies.

Jeremy Poirer – Director
Mr. Poirer has extensive public market and corporate development experience, including financial capital funding successes.

Mary Little – Director
Mary Little’s industry experience includes fifteen years in Latin America with major mining companies Newmont, Cyprus Amax and WMC Ltd., where she held management positions including Business Development Manager and Country Manager. More recently, as a founder and the CEO of Mirasol Resources Ltd., Ms. Little led that company’s growth as a successful prospect generator, and spearheaded corporate development activities, including the negotiation of joint ventures and the sale of a principal asset. Ms. Little has extensive experience in the exploration and evaluation of epithermal precious metals deposits, as well as porphyry and sediment-hosted mineral environments. She holds a M.Sc. degree in Earth Sciences from the University of California, and a MBA degree from the University of Colorado. In addition to Pure Energy Minerals, she serves on the board of Sandstorm Gold Ltd.

Robert Cross – Strategic Adviser
Mr. Cross has 25+ years of experience as financier in mining & oil and gas, and is Co-Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of Bankers Petroleum. He was the former Chairman and CEO of Yorkton Securities.

Jaeyol Kim – Korean Business Development Specialist
Mr. Kim has over 20 years of experience in corporate strategy business development. As the former Vice President of LitheaInc, he helped raise $15 million dollars in initial funding. He was also former director of Richard V. Allen company, and successfully raised $18 million dollar in investments from major Korean Industrial consortium for US junior mining companies.