German Start-up Using Copper Foam, Not Fans, to Cool Desktop PC

The International Business Times reported yesterday that a start-up in Germany called Silent Power is using a block of exposed copper foam on top of their desktop PC, rather than  fans, to keep the machine cooled. The company says it has created the world’s smallest high-end desktop PC, according to the Times.

As quoted in the publication:

According to Silent Power, the intricate copper mesh is able to dissipate heat channelled from the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) up to 500 times more effectively than a traditional fan-cooled heat sink. Copper is able to conduct heat better than any other industrial metal. By spreading the heat over a large surface area, the air in the mesh heats up, expands and automatically moves out of the mesh, creating a natural circulation cycle that does not require a fan to sustain it.

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