European stocks opened lower today because of the fears over Iraq and Ukraine, according to In particular, the air strikes authorized by President Barack Obama caused alarm for many investors. Russia has also banned food imported from western countries to retaliate against the sanctions placed against it.

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London is down 1.73 points, at 748.39 points. Today the market hit a low of 746.21 points and a high of 750 points. Mining stocks, for the most part, are lower.

This week’s top gainers in the mining sector include gold exploration and development company Noricum Gold (LSE:NMG), which saw its share price increase by GBP0.10, or 22.24 percent, to reach GBP0.52 per share. Meanwhile, Africa-focused diamond explorer Bostwana Diamonds (LSE:BOD) saw an increase of GBP0.22, or 9.47 percent, hitting GBP2.60 per share. In energy stocks, this week’s top gainer was Solo Oil (LSE:SOLO), which is up by GBP0.04, or 11.52 percent, at GBP0.37 per share.

On the flip side, African Potash (LSE:AFPO), which invests in and acquires potash assets in sub-Saharan Africa, fell by $0.69, or 19.71 percent, to reach $2.81. Meanwhile, Azonto Petroleum (LSE:AZO) also saw some losses, dipping by $0.08, or 8.58 percent, to reach $0.87.