The Alternative Investment Market in London was up 2.08 points to 779.57 points, with the market hitting a low of 778.50 points and a high of 781.29 points today.

Investors had been waiting for news of the eurozone inflation figures, which were released 9:00 a.m. GMT, according to Reuters. Analysts correctly predicted inflation would drop 0.3 percent. The European Central Bank will make this number part of its decision about bank policy, and the bank will likely be dovish as a result.

Gold mining company Touchstone Gold (AIM:TGL) grew GBP0.03 , or 6.25 percent, to reach a price of GBP0.43 per share, while Canada’s Antrim Energy (AIM:AEY), which  drills internationally for oil and gas, grew GBP0.60, or 13.33 percent, to reach GBP5.10 per share. Platinum group metals producer Sylvania Platinum (AIM:SLP) also gained GBP1.25, or 18.52 percent, to reach GBP8.00 per share.

Not faring so well was Tanania focused coal miner Edenville Energy (AIM:EDL), which fell GBP0.01, or 8.57 percent, to reach GBP0.06 per share. Goldstone Resources (AIM:GRL), which mines for gold in west and central Africa, also saw its share price decline, losing GBP0.02 or 4.44 percent to finish at GBP0.43 per share.