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We interview an analyst who has prepared coverage of the company and interview them for an understanding of their perspective on the company, the investment potential of the company, and market news related to the company.

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Trevali Mining — Benefiting from Rising Prices

Analyst Joseph Gallucci spoke with Resource Investing News about Trevali Mining, the last remaining zinc vehicle in production on the TSX. Gallucci maintains that the company is well run and poised to benefit from the short term rise in zinc prices as the zinc market shifts towards a deficit.

Kootenay Silver Adds Significant Gold to its Silver, Lead, Zinc, Resource at its Promontorio Project in Mexico

Kootenay Silver has expanded its polymetallic resource at its flagship Promontorio project by successfully addressing metallurgical challenges and adding 506,000 ounces of gold to its Measured and Indicated resources plus 155,000 oz. gold to its Inferred resources. The project has attracted the attention of Agnico-Eagle who has recently added an equity stake in Kootenay of 9.9% through a $4.7 million financing.

Bralorne Gold Mines Tops Up Till for Aggressive Expansion Program

Bralorne Gold Mines has worked diligently over the past few years to put its namesake mine back into production. In order to increase production and improve the overall economics of the mine, the company is still working to prove up resources as well as expand and rehabilitate mine workings. A $5-to-$7.5 million cash infusion from the current financing will go a long way towards achieving its resource and production expansion goals.