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Which Silver Companies Have Gained in the Last 5 Days?

Silver – The Silver Institute's 2014 interim report has been generating a lot of negative reactions, but in reality it's not all bad. Plus a look at five silver companies that have seen gains since last Friday's price jump.

Could Microbes Help Miners Save Millions?

Copper – At first glance, microbes and mining might not seem like two things that go together. However, genomics research being conducted downstream from Western Copper and Gold's Casino project might prove otherwise — microbes may be capable of saving mining companies millions in remediation costs and environmental protection measures.

Osisko Gold Royalties Makes a Move for Virginia Mines, Becomes Takeover Target

Gold – Five short months following the acquisition of the Canadian Malartic gold mine, Osisko Gold Royalties has taken a big step with its "natural evolution" acquisition of fellow Quebec-based royalty company, Virginia Mines.